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APR 13 Cubs at CardinalsMay 3 Pirates at CardinalsMay 12 Braves at CardinalsMay 14 Cubs at CardinalsMay 21 Padres at CardinalsMay 22 Padres at CardinalsMay 24 Phillies at CardinalsJune 8 Indians at CardinalsJune 9 Indians at CardinalsJune 10 Indians at CardinalsJune 12 White Sox at CardinalsJune 13 White Sox at CardinalsJune 14 White Sox at CardinalsJune 17 Royals at CardinalsJUNE 30 Pirates at CardinalsJULY 1 Pirates at CardinalsJuly 2 Rockies at CardinalsJULY 3 Rockies at CardinalsJuly 4 Rockies at CardinalsJuly 8 Marlins at CardinalsJULY 20 Cubs at CardinalsJULY 21 Cubs at CardinalsJULY 22 Cubs at CardinalsJULY 23 Dodgers at CardinalsJULY 24 Dodgers at CardinalsJULY 25 Dodgers at CardinalsJULY 26 Dodgers at CardinalsAUG 3 Brewers at CardinalsAUG 4 Brewers at CardinalsAUG 5 Brewers at CardinalsAUG 6 Giants at CardinalsAUG 15 Diamondbacks at CardinalsAUG 16 Diamondbacks at CardinalsAUG 17 Pirates at CardinalsAUG 18 Pirates at CardinalsAUG 19 Pirates at Cardinals3 Sept 12 Mets at CardinalsSEPT 4 Mets at CardinalsSept 7 Brewers at CardinalsSept 9 Brewers at CardinalsSept 19 Astros at CardinalsOCT 1 Reds at CardinalsOct 2 Reds at CardinalsOct 3 Reds at Cardinals